Evergreen Data Academy Membership

Every month, you’ll receive my best teaching, advice and leadership, including material I’m not willing to cover for the general public.  You’ll have resources to keep you moving forward and the forums to make sure you don’t get confused, stuck, or off track.

At the end of the launch month (or if we sell out), I’m going to close the Academy to new students for a little while, so we can all catch our breath and work any kinks out of the private community site.

Down the line, after this initial launch period, the price will go up to $800 per year (still less than the cost of a single two day workshop with me). And as the course material grows and the body of material becomes more valuable, the price will continue to go up along with it.

What if you don’t love it? Test drive the course for 10 days and see how it feels.

I think you’re going to find that the information is solid, the video tutorials will show you exactly what to do, the worksheets will keep you on track and focused. The community is a huge source of support (and about the only place you can reliably grab me for nuts-and-bolts advice on your project, unless you’re hiring me for a workshop or paying normal “Stephanie Evergreen” prices). Honestly, I’m sure that your experience with the Academy isn’t just worth the modest cost, but it’s worth your time and focused attention.

If you don’t agree, let me know within the first 10 days of your membership. I’ll be very happy to refund your tuition and we’ll part as friends. If at any point after that you decide it’s no longer working for you, you can cancel at any time and you won’t be charged again.

As long as membership remains uninterrupted, you get all the good stuff at your charter membership tuition of $700 per year.