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Want to improve your data visualization skills so your work makes an impact?

Don’t have the time to travel to a course and don’t want to waste hours searching the web for the answers?

Join Evergreen Data’s Visualization Academy and access on-demand videos, researched expertise, and live coaching from a true expert. Get feedback on your work, explore case studies, and get answers to your questions in the community forums. Short on time? Download the templates with completed visualizations, just waiting for your data.

Learn some data visualization wizardry.

You’re in the right place if:

  1. You’re tired of the default way of visualizing data
  2. You know your readers crave useful data
  3. You know enough about Excel, Tableau, or R to be dangerous
  4. You are ready for action
  5. You can’t travel to expensive workshops
  6. You need effective strategies for presenting your work so it gets used

The Evergreen Data Visualization Academy will help you bridge your gap by providing:

  • Video tutorials on data visualization construction in Excel and Tableau, with written, step-by-step instructions, which means you can take all the time you need to learn to visualize better under expert direction. No pressure and no rush.
  • RCode and screenshots for data visualization development in R, which means you can pretty much copy and paste from this site to R and generate instant visualizations.
  • Guidance on when to use specific chart types, so that your data visualization construction process is more efficient than ever.
  • Templates with completed graphs, ready for your data, and macros to download and rock, which means the quickest route to impressing others with your superstar communications.
  • Community forums to ask questions and gather feedback, which means you can get help when you run into a roadblock and share your expertise with others.
  • Articles and research to back up your new methods, so when your boss questions why you are doing something a certain way, you have the persuasive justification at your fingertips.
  • Case studies and member spotlights, which means you can see how others have done it and adapt their ideas for your gain.
  • Live monthly group coaching calls, which means a personal connection with me and pointed feedback on ongoing projects.
  • Discounts on data visualization swag, which means you are the coolest data nerd out there.
  • Access to community-only forums, a private Facebook group, subscribers-only virtual events, and in person happy hour, which means exclusive fun.
  • Independence from (or at least, better coordination with) graphic designers, saving your organization time and money, making you an organizational linchpin.

If you just want to know how to push the buttons in Excel or Tableau or R to make impactful data visualizations, you can probably spend your day scouring the internet for those resources. Or…

Save yourself time and money by joining the Academy. I will help you be awesome in fun and practical ways. You will get new ideas and inspirations and the instructions to carry it out on your own. You’ll belong to a community that is equipped with the research-based justification and the real life examples to supply the momentum you need to truly shine.

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The Academy helps me stay on top of ways to communicate meaningfully with clients. The materials apply directly to my everyday deliverables as a consultant. Dollars spent on the Academy have been more productive for me than expenditures on other development endeavors like conferences.

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This is what a data-driven culture looks like.

It’s kind of funny how, years ago, we all raced to become “data-driven” organizations. We cast our data nets wide and grabbed everything we could. So much, in fact, that we began drowning in it. Good, clear, smart data visualization is the boat that keeps you headed in the right direction.

Time and time again, my private workshop clients are astounded at what happens when they learn the skills to present data effectively. In some organizational cultures, it can be hard to convince your boss that investment in data visualization training is worthwhile. They may have built businesses and careers on the old way of reporting. But that old way doesn’t work anymore (I would know – it is how I used to report. Read on for my story.).

The smart, nimble, agile organizations I work with become the conversation changers. Joining the Academy takes teams to the next level, to the forefront of their field.

Organizations who embrace data visualization demonstrate higher impact, make decisions more efficiently, streamline conversations, and totally change their game. Are you ready for the next level? Your team is.

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You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers (probably)

What’s This Cost?
You get access to this tremendous amount of resources for just $950 USD per year. We believe people from underrepresented groups should have larger roles in tech and leadership, so if that's you, contact us for a discount code to get $100 off your subscription. Bulk rates are available for organizations subscribing teams (as small as 2). Contact us for more information.

$950 per Year Seems Expensive. What’s Up With That?
If your boss knew it would only cost $950 USD per year to completely renovate your communications, increase revenue, and build team culture, would she call that too expensive? Sounds like a deal to me. You could always ship yourself to one of my in-person workshops to get the same info - they are a blast - but this is less than the price of a single workshop, with much more content packed in, AND you don’t have to pay for airfare and hotels.

Can’t I Get This Stuff for Free on the Internet?
Sure, you can find some of this on the internet. I’ve scoured it myself to see what else is out there and I spent way too much time on my search, only to discover I couldn’t locate even half of these materials. If you want to waste your afternoon hunting the internet, go ahead. But there’s a world to save out there. So it’s more cost effective for you to go to one spot where everything is at your fingertips - AND you get the personal connections with me and other people in the community.

How Is This Better Than Your Free Blog?
Truth is, I've been holding onto most of my favorite secrets for awhile - until now. The Academy builds up toward more challenging visualizations. You also get access to me, on demand, and peer feedback on your works-in-progress. There's other fun stuff too like discounts at my store and other insider activities and events. Plus templates if you're short on time. All of these are things I will never do at my blog yet it's what makes my business so successful.

Who is Stephanie Evergreen and Why Should I Listen to Her?
I am an interdisciplinary researcher by training - which means I know data from every industry. I have a PhD (most data visualizers do not), with a dissertation about how researchers use graphic design research to make reporting more engaging (Summary: They don’t). I’ve steeped myself in the research to write three books and edit two journals on this topic and I’ve traveled the world teaching people how to visualize data more effectively. I’ve tested these ideas with the best clients, such as Verizon, Adobe, United Nations, MasterCard Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Brookings Institute, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and University of Cape Town, just to name a few.

How Often Will You Release New Content?
Every month I’ll cover a new topic, complete with Excel video, R tutorial, Tableau video, forum thread, research article, and something fun. You'll get an email each month about the new content. Sometimes I get excited and send out two topics at once. Our private Facebook group has ongoing conversations as well.

Why Should I Join?
Research-based skill building surrounded by like-minded colleagues with fun and private events. What more is there in life, really?

How Can I Cancel?
If you are not completely happy with your subscription, your payment is fully refundable within 10 days. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time; simply go to your account page and click “Cancel.”