About Evergreen Data Academy

At the Evergreen Data Visualization Academy, we pull together the best resources available to help you take your data visualization skills to the next level. I’ve wrapped together the skills we teach in our workshops, the lessons written in my books, and the secret amazing reporting strategies we sell to our clients. And each month we bring you even more.

It takes many hands and big hearts to build the Evergreen Data Visualization Academy. Meet the team.

Stephanie Evergreen, PhD

I’m Stephanie Evergreen and I’m a complete data nerd. PhD in Interdisciplinary Research, so yeah I think I know something about everyone’s data. I globe trot, teaching people how to become dataviz ninjas, writing books on plane rides, and I’m pretty sure I have the best job in the world. I’m the face of most of the tutorials and Office Hours and so you and I will chat often.

In 2015 I won an award from the American Evaluation Association for having so many accomplishments so early in my career and 2 years later won an award for my impact on the way people practice. Both of my books were #1 on Amazon bestseller lists before they were even published.

Jennifer Lyons

Jennifer Lyons handles your enrollment and any issues related to your membership. She’s also a pro at Excel so she will chime in to answer questions in the comments. You’ll even see that she developed our amazing Dashboard Automation tutorial. Jenny works at Evergreen Data, helping me run workshops and design data visualizations for clients all over the world. If you write to us for help at uhoh@academy.stephanieevergreen.com, Jenny will be the one to answer. She’s the best.

Dan Kalleward

Dan joined the team at Evergreen Data in the Spring of 2015, and he has provided us with a growing repertoire of tutorials over how to utilize R software to create Academy-approved data visualizations. He’s our R code guru. In his day-to-day work, Dan uses these same methods to create reports for his employer’s stakeholders to convey their progress in releasing a major product to the transportation industry. We are absolutely thrilled to see Dan’s ability to apply his data visualization skills from this Academy toward a global leader of industry #humblebrag (and he’s a new dad!)

Academy Members

You! Yes, you and the hundreds of other like-minded data nerds that have enrolled in the Academy are a key part of our team. You ask questions. You give each other support and suggestions and encouragement. You’re critical. Introduce yourself and say hello.

While most of our work together will happen online, every once in a while you’ll see me or Jenny or Dan out in the real world. This is the coolest experience. Be sure to come collect your high five.