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Conditional Bar Color

Color is a strong communicator. We notice color and color changes.

The research article supporting this tutorial says we notice color preattentively. That is, before our brains really even register this process, our eyes are off looking at colors. In fact, we notice color and differences in colors faster than other preattentive attributes like motion or orientation.

We can use color change to our advantage in our graphs by color-coding different groups of data. Color-coding can be used to double-encode data in specific ranges, working with the length of the bar to communicate the values to your readers. That's what we will create in this tutorial.

But color-coding can also be used to mark other groups of your data, such as metrics that occur in different stages/phases, metrics that are statistically significant/not, metrics that fall above/below a certain sample size, metrics that belong to specific respondent groups, and so on.

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Proportion Plot

Proportion plots help us compare the share of a population between two metrics. This is the kind of story we often need to tell when we are trying to talk about how our sample compares to the overall population. If your sample is representative, each side of your proportion plot would be equal.

508 Compliance

Compliance with US federal 508 guidelines requires us to ensure that the materials we make are accessible to people with disabilities.

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What else can you do with bullet points of text on a slide? Here are 11 alternatives that are more engaged and preserve that text.