The Graph Guide Program

Are you ready to rocket your data visualization skills? Strap on your tandem jetpack, honey, cause you are coming with us.

Once you have registered, you’ll get a welcome email with some first steps to get you started – complete these before April 1 (the sooner, the better). You’ll answer some questions about yourself and your goals and you’ll rate some of your current graphs. Based on that info, we’ll custom build your learning path through 50 Academy tutorials, all the way to certification by March 31, 2022.

You and your Graph Guide will start plotting your strategy to data viz victory.

Semi-monthly, you’ll also get an email with the latest tutorial in Excel, R, and Tableau designed to make you a data visualization rockstar.

Heads up: There are no refunds for The Graph Guide Program. Don’t sign up unless you are ready to commit to the work.

We only enroll 12 people in The Graph Guide Program at a time, so we can work with you closely as you build your skill set. That means your chance to enroll is now, before the 12 open seats are filled.

Join us in launching your communication capacity into outer space. Join The Graph Guides Program.