Evergreen Data Academy Membership

You’re going to absolutely love the Academy.

Members are consistently telling us how their subscription has benefited them: “I cannot emphasize enough what a wonderful resource Evergreen Academy has been. It has been truly amazing to learn all that can be done.”

You can get in on this action for an annual subscription of $999 USD.

We support the drive to get more people from underrepresented groups into technology and leadership positions and the Academy helps with both of those things. If you are from an underrepresented group, email Stephanie for a discounted subscription rate.

Organizations seeking to secure subscriptions for an entire team should also email Stephanie for a bulk subscription rate.

Once you have registered, you’ll get a welcome email with some first steps to get you started. Each month you’ll get another email with the latest tutorial in Excel, R, and Tableau designed to make you a data visualization rockstar.

If the Academy isn’t working for you, let Stephanie know within the first 10 days and you’ll get a refund and we’ll part as friends.┬áIf at any point after that you decide the Academy is not for you, you can cancel your subscription and you won’t be charged again.

We only open our enrollment window periodically and, when we do, we only admit a limited number of people at a time. This way we can work together and solve your tricky data visualization conundrums and give you all the coaching you need. That means your chance to enroll is now, before the 100 open seats are filled.

Join us in building your communication capacity. Join the Academy.